January 17 My head is spinning

I just went through an incredible FB advertising training class with Amber and my head is spinning. Seriously, the gray matter is bouncing a million neurons (I don’t even care if this is the right terminology).

My whole goal with daily blogging is to get my thoughts written down; I know I’m not getting at “deep” as I want to and will (soon). When I say “deep” I mean to get in my head and get all the crap out – crap that may be holding me back; crap I don’t need to have hanging around in my brain…you get the picture right?

I just created a post about my miracle morning and what my morning looks like. Now let me tell ya; I now have more clarify by getting up a bit earlier and exercising. Last week I walked over 85,000 steps!

I have to finish this up today because well I haven’t had supper yet and it’s 8:23 pm. And my sister is coming over – there is so much more I need/want to say today – but I gotta cut this short.

I also have to go do my plan now too.

Holly Powell

Holly knows the power of combining network marketing + the internet. Mom, friend to hubby, and a MiMi who loves to travel!