January 20 It’s Confirmed

The story of our missing cat continued and I couldn’t wait to get to my sisters house to confirm that in fact our cat Spots (who had been missing since January 27, 2018) was now in her possession.

our cat spots

It was indeed Spots and even had the same collar on that I had purchased (pink camouflage) for her albeit a lot of wear and tear. It baffles and amazes me that she was found safe & sound almost a year to the day she went missing. My sisters neighbor picked up Spots near our home last year and took her home; kept her until they moved and they just left her – my sister and brother-in-law are cat lovers so they fed her and took her in. So Spots has a new and awesome home with cat lovers and we’ll still get to see her.

On another note; my other sister came home from the hospital today; two days after her knee surgery and will be staying here through the early part of her recovery. I got her settled and went over to see Spots.

I’m still doing my planks and my brother visited us this evening and of course being a man; he could easily hold a plank, lift a leg and then an arm. #SMDH – LOL

My weight loss is coming along. As of last Tuesday I’m down 6.6 lbs this year. (I’m still up from the fiasco of the last 4 months of last year (again a whole nother story) and I’m getting close to breaking even to my lowest weight last year.

Holly Powell

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