January 2019 My Miracle Morning

I think it’s going to be cool to document my miracle morning (day) and as I tweek it, to see the changes that I go through as I grow and as the year progresses. So here goes with January 2019’s miracle morning.

Left side page of daily journal I use

5:35 am – the alarm clock (that is sitting away from my bed on the dresser) starts blaring an ungodly sound and I have no choice but to get up.

weigh (cuz who doesn’t weigh everyday?), brush my teeth, take my meds, let the dogs out, push the button on my coffee pot that I get ready after I pour the last cup of coffee the day before, get dressed, let the dogs in and give them a treat.

drink a cup of hot water with lemon essential oil, pour my first cup of awesomely delicious coffee, sit down at the table to have a few minutes of silence, read about 15-20 minutes.

leave the house and head to the local community center to walk for an hour on the treadmill and home by 7:40 am

have breakfast and start my day in my office

That pretty much sums up my morning and as I progress through the day I do some of the must-do’s on my list. (I use Mel Robins 5 Second Journal to plan my days. It’s the only one that I consistently use almost daily. I started last year and love it. Nothing fancy; but it keeps me on track.

Eat an apple, do some form of personal development (learning something new), listening to a good audio book – something…

Write daily in my journal (this blog), perform at least a one minute plank.

That pretty much sums up my current miracle morning. What does your morning look like?

Holly Powell

Holly knows the power of combining network marketing + the internet. Mom, friend to hubby, and a MiMi who loves to travel!