January 21 I learned a new skill

Well it was one of the craziest and busiest days of my business. My fingers were typing as fast as they could and tasks/things were flying off my to-do list. Just when I thought I could stop for the night I get a text from a wonderful client – no seriously – she is awesome and needed two things done almost yesterday.

There goes my night. j/k but only a little. Because this client is so patient with me I had to do what she was under the gun to get completed. So now it’s 9:12 pm and I’m still at it – because I HAVE to get my journaling in each day.

i quit email

Anyway the new skill I learned is something that I usually pay someone at least $45 to complete! Not anymore…cuz this girl learned how to do it. Woot woot. And that helped my awesome client save face with her client. How absofreakinlutely awesome is that? Almost as amazing as the day I wrote my I Quit email.

And because it’s almost/is past my bedtime and because 5:30 am comes early this is going to be a very, very short post.

What I’m still doing – 21 days into 2019:

Journaling, using my daily planner, marketing shit off my task list like a crazy woman, eating health, planking, reading, a few moments of silence…

What I’m not doing on a regular basis – 21 days in – affirmations and visualization. I did go to the store yesterday and got all the supplies for my new visualization magazine. I can NOT wait to get started on it. It’s going to be amazing. The excuse I have for not doing my affirmations is that I have to update them. I know just an excuse – so it’s on my list to get them updated as fast as my hands can write/type.

And seriously folks that is it for the day. I’m beat/wiped/tired.

Holly Powell

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