January 25 Friday Yippee

Anybody who runs their own business knows that it doesn’t matter if Friday comes along – if you’ve got clients or customers you have to serve them. And this Friday was no different. I got up at 5:30 and practiced my MM (Miracle Morning) routine; reading, visualizations…etc

Made it back home and got right to work. If you know me; you know I am very organized – for the most part. There are always areas of improvement; but I like to be able to look for some things and know exactly where I have to look. For example, reading glasses. I have about 7 pair (a few extra in case they break) and a spot for each; my chair, bed, desk, refrigerator, car, purse, and yes bathroom. If I find myself walking out of one room with the reading glasses that belong in their spot, I turn back around and put them back. This way I never have to look for my glasses.

And in case you’re wondering – here are my glasses on display. Just a little humor.

You’re probably thinking what the hell does this have to do with anything? Well, it doesn’t except for the fact that I like to be organized and because I have clients that skill comes in very handy. If someone comes to me and says hey Holly can you do this or this it shouldn’t take you long – I will sit down and break it down into bite size pieces and show the someone that the task they said should not take too, too long is actually made of 38 separate steps. This kind of brings everything into perspective and I gotta tell ya — it keeps me sane.

After I break it down into bite size pieces I like to create how to’s using a combination of video and written guides. These are for my team and become our SOP’s.

With that said; yes even I look forward to Fridays and the weekends.

How about you? Do you consider yourself organized?


Holly Powell

Holly knows the power of combining network marketing + the internet. Mom, friend to hubby, and a MiMi who loves to travel!