January 28 to February 6 All Caught Up For Now

So I set out to write every day this year and I haven’t written anything since the 28th of January. Does this mean I failed? Hell no. I wrote more this year than I have in the previous 8 years I’ve had my domain! Seriously, so I will continue to fail until I win and get back up over and over and over again.

This past Saturday, February 2 I took a “me” day and went shopping for my upcoming vacation to Vienna. My sister, Hilda joined me and we spent the day going from thrift store to thrift store from Shallotte NC all the way to Myrtle Beach SC and ended the day with an incredible meal at Benjamins Calabash buffet. Soooo good. I got all of the outfits I needed and am so excited for the trip. Jesse and I have never been to Europe. I’ll definitely be writing about my travels.

Sunday, February 3 was family day and my girls helped me do my 1 minute plank. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it over on Facebook. There were 7 of us and it was fun. I was pretty proud of myself. Dessert was a gluten free mini m&m brownie and I didn’t eat 1 piece of the 14 SP (WW smartpoints). We also had spaghetti and I brought a 0 SP pasta and loved every minute of it.

Got home in time to watch a very disappointing Super Bowl. Didn’t finish the game – went to bed early.

Monday-Tuesday – February 4-5 I buried my head in my work and got a whole lotta work completed. Knocked so much off my to do list. Oh yeah the highlight of the day – my brothers crew from Drew’s Roofing & Home Repair started the roof replacement that we’ve needed since Hurricane Florence hit us in September of last year.

Yes I weighed (officially) at WW and am proud to say I lost 1 1/2 pounds from the previous week. I posted side by side pictures of me from February 2016 to this week on FB and even if I do say so myself – if you haven’t seen them – YIKES it shows I’ve released a whole lot of weight. I’m up to 81 comments. So it’s a huge (pardon the pun) weight loss. Yes, yes I still have a long way to do – but I don’t care.

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That brings me to today.

February 6, 2019 – 1 week and 1 day away from leaving on our Vienna trip. My brothers crew finished the roof and it came out beautifully.

My sister Hilda is still with me. She had her follow up Drs appointment yesterday and got the stitches removed but still can’t drive for 4 more weeks.

And, today I think I have eaten non-stop since I got out of bed. Not really but yeah I have. M&M’s, Reeces Pieces, cake, and more. I’m over it now and I know I’ll have days like this BUT – I HATE them.

So moving on…the rest of the day will be better and tomorrow and the next and the next.

How about you? I know I put a lot in my catch up post…but I want to ask, “How is your day or week going?”

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