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So, glad I met Holly on Facebook when I was looking to update my website. She was so helpful in answering my questions and I ask a lot. Her marketing techniques are not only current but also relevant as she takes the time to really care about her client’s success. I ended up getting so much more than expected with a new blog site and at the same time, I learned much more about social media marketing. Thanks again, Holly, for your time and efforts.

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This is a REALLY QUICK NOTE! (working like crazy) I just wanted to thank you again for all your help! We really appreciate you and because of our belief in “giving back” – somehow, your help will be rewarded more than you can imagine!

Kathy H

I so appreciate the words of encouragement given by you! I know that ultimately one’s success depends on one’s own efforts and belief in oneself but support and encouragement from leaders “in the know” certainly play a significant part in that success and that is something that you both give freely and sincerely with the utmost desire to help! Thank you so much!


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Hi! My name is Holly Bussell Powell

and I’ve been online since November of 2003.

I was very frustrated with building my business the “old school way” and at one point made over 3,600 cold calls to Network Marketers!

I did not sign up one person in my business from all of those cold calls. I got tired of that really quick and went on a journey that lasted through September 2007.

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January 24 Getting healthy

I like that my FB feed shows memories and two years ago this week Jesse and I were still in the mountains; missing our family sooooo much and I ended up in the hospital. I got sick and my body…

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January 23 I Love You

To steal from Mel Robbins – If nobody has told you today, “I love you!” In case you can’t tell – that’s an arrow pointing to the heart on my wall. Seriously, that’s all folks.

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January 22 Who do you work for?

Hard truth – if you have clients you’re working for them. Yeah I know it’s your business; but in order to make money IF you have clients you have to make them happy – so who are you really working…

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January 21 I learned a new skill

Well it was one of the craziest and busiest days of my business. My fingers were typing as fast as they could and tasks/things were flying off my to-do list. Just when I thought I could stop for the night…

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January 20 It’s Confirmed

The story of our missing cat continued and I couldn’t wait to get to my sisters house to confirm that in fact our cat Spots (who had been missing since January 27, 2018) was now in her possession. It was…

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