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butterfly only

This from my good friend Lori about my services. So, glad I met Holly on Facebook when I was looking to update my website.  She was so helpful in answering my questions and I ask a lot.  Her marketing techniques are not only current but also relevant as she takes the time to really care about her client's success. I ended up getting so much more than expected with a new blog site and at the same time, I learned much more about social media marketing. Thanks again, Holly, for your time and efforts.

Lori T

This is a REALLY QUICK NOTE! (working like crazy) I just wanted to thank you again for all your help! We really appreciate you and because of our belief in "giving back" - somehow, your help will be rewarded more than you can imagine!

Kathy H

I so appreciate the words of encouragement given by you! I know that ultimately one's success depends on one's own efforts and belief in oneself but support and encouragement from leaders "in the know" certainly play a significent part in that success and that is something that you both give freely and sincerely with the utmost desire to help! Thank you so much!


"With mentors like you around, how can we feel anything but grateful for the knowledge to run with, to go hog wild with! The light that my mentor friends have shared with me will never extinguish, it only grows brighter everyday. Thank you for this eternal flame of knowledge. Here's to you all and here's to a GREAT 2009!


Hi! My name is Kimberly A. in from California. I just got done reading your story, AMAZING!! You've really inspired me! Thank you for thinking of the little guy, I know you guys are going to see massive success from this program! I will be joining in a couple of days...
I cant wait to start learning from you!

Kimberly A

you are truly the content queen..........I love you ..... :*. long live the queen!!

Jeri H

I just saw the Craigslist training.
That was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most HELPFUL and unbelievable Craigslist training I have seen. The only stuff I had seen before was basically "post a lot" and other such common sense stuff. I never learned to use PowerPoint to make a picture, search for keywords, or use those symbols. Also the inurl: stuff blew me away. I have always used YouTube for my marketing but I am thinking about using Craigslist now. I had tried before with an autoposter but it did not work.. at all. Just wanted to send along the kind words. Again, AWESOME stuff. I thank you. 8^)

Benjamin L

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